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Virtual roundtable invitation

28th June 2022, 2-5 PM


  • Welcome address by Prof. (Dr) Sanjay Gupta
  • Project overview Prof. Philip Azardias
  • Presentation and discussion on the main results
    • New/Improved Design Courses
    • New Design & Innovation Centres
    • Pilot projects — collaborations with the Industry
  • Draft of recommendations

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Final conference invitation

13” September 2022, 2-5 PM


Welcome address by Prof. (Dr) Sanjay Gupta (WUD) OLE

  • Introduction to the DESINNO project by Prof. (Dr) Sanjay Gupta
    Prof. Philip Azariadis (UAEGEAN) Vice Chancellor, World
    • Main project results for the Indian HEls by Dy cen
    • Mr. Abhinav Saxena (WUD), Mr. RP Singh (RIMT), Join online via Zoom
    • Mr. Pushpendra Singh (IIIT)
    • New Design & Innovation Centres
    • New/Improved courses
    • Industrial collaborations and industrial-driven pilot projects
    • Modernization and Sustainability
  • Recommendations by Prof. Busayawan Lam (BRUNEL)
  • Project assessment by Prof. Shujoy Chakraborty
  • Question/ Answers & Vote of thanks

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D4.9 DESINNO EN Follow-up of the Recommendations

This report aims to
(1) summarise the procedure employed to evaluate the recommendations presented in the background paper and the virtual roundtable discussion; and
(2) suggest how they could be implemented by WUD, IIIT and RIMT, who will be also responsible for the follow-up at national and regional level.

The report begins with a brief summary of the recommendations, followed by the evaluation process and results, and concludes with the suggestions on how to implement them.

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D4.8 DESINNO EN Recommendations

The recommendations on “How Design & Innovation Centres are useful for the economic development of India” has been developed by the DESINNO project partners based on the background paper and feedback gathered at the roundtable event.

The document includes recommendations based on the feedback collected at the roundtable discussion and on the following topics:

  • Establishment of Design Hubs (Design and Innovation Centres) in HEIs
  • Invest in Digital Design Education
  • Incorporate Design Thinking, Strategic Design and Service Design into the DNA of Indian Companies
  • Integrate Traditional Craft Practices into Contemporary Design Practice, and Foster Grassroots Innovation

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