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EU Best Practices Database
Version: WP 1.3

The aim of this report is to Identify and analyse EU best practices to be transferred to target countries of DESINNO project: success stories will be related to existing Design & Innovation centres or labs and to the collaboration among academia and industry for the development of the sector. The best practices include also design courses delivered in European HEIs as part of multi-disciplinary design curricula.

This is achieved through a two-step process.1) literature review about design and innovation with a focus on innovative methods for research and design, educational practises and facilities able to support didactic and research in this field; and 2) selection and evaluation of EU best practices related to Design education, research and innovation.

The focus of the research will be the analysis of Existing Research & Innovation Centres and paradigms of cooperation between HEIs and Industry in order to collect insights useful for the DESINNO partners.

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