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Cross Country Research Report
Version: WP 1.4

This report synthesises the results of the desk research carried out with the results of two questionnaires and a focus group that were undertaken as part of the field study. This report aims to assess the importance of Design for the India’s economy, the services that will be offered by the Design & Innovation centres, the most favourite pedagogical approach for Design & Innovation centres and existing design courses to be improved. Finally, it aims to identify EU best practices and success stories to be transferred to India.

The methodological approach and the tools (i.e. questionnaire, templates for collecting data, guidelines for the focus groups, template for the collection of best practices). The research undertaken adopts a three-pronged approach bringing together three discrete components: Desk research, Field research through interview, Field research through focus groups, the triangulation of the conclusions will provide a better understanding of the context and a higher degree of confidence in the analysis of the results.

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