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University of Aegean


The University of the Aegean was established in 1984. Its six campuses are organized as a network of schools and departments located on six Aegean islands: Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Rhodes, Syros, and Lemnos. The resulting challenge of distributing and coordinating academic and administrative activities has driven the adoption of ICT in all academic practices and has enhanced the sense of unity across the University’s academic community. In terms of its educational strategy, the UAegean invests in multidisciplinary scientific fields that aim at addressing the needs of the modern world. It has led the way in the introduction of new undergraduate and postgraduate disciplines (such as environmental studies, multimedia and design, humanities,

Mediterranean studies, innovation management), making the UAegean a pioneering and competitive institution by Greek and European standards. Over the years, the UAegean has become an international research‐oriented university. In a recent evaluation by the European University Association, it was acknowledged that the university had an “impressive” research output. Multiple Research Centers, well‐equipped laboratories, and a high‐quality Academic and Research Staff have all contributed to the significant results that the University has to display in scientific research. As part of various knowledge transfer activities, it is in close cooperation with its local communities, for providing innovative solutions to a range of issues (business, social, cultural, etc.). Since 1985, the University’s Research Unit has implemented more than 2000 projects that received funding in excess of 140 million Euros. Today, the Unit is operating with an annual budget of more than 13 million Euros.

The Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering is a unique academic department not only within the University of the Aegean but in Greece too. The main objective of the Department is to produce graduates who will be able to use creatively new technologies, sciences and arts for the design of solutions that are usable and functional for various applications from varying areas covered by Product Design and Industrial Design. The Department covers all aspects of the design of products and systems by means of creative use of knowledge and ideas from a wide range of arts and sciences while emphasizing on the use of new technologies. The Department defines and supports the creative processes of design in line with modern international trends that consider Design as the art of communication for the recognition of problems and the conception and creation of product and systems which are appropriate with regards to their form, their content, their functionality and their value for human use and action. Through students exchanging programs, like Erasmus, the Department has an agreement with more than 50 universities in 16 different countries.

World University of Design (WUD)


World University of Design (WUD) has been established at Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat, Haryana – a hub of educational institutions of eminence in India, to accelerate the take-up of design in industrial and innovation activities at regional and national level.
WUD offers high quality trans-disciplinary education with a design foundation at the undergraduate and postgraduate level in Architecture, Design, Fashion, Communication, Visual arts & Management with a view to build a generation of creative professional designers, capable of serving as agents of change for the growth and development of the diverse and decentralized sectors of various industry segments.

WUD has international collaborations with leading education institutions like Vancouver Film School, University of Huddersfield, Oxford Brookes University, University of the West of Scotland and The Italian University of Design with the aim of facilitating constant exchange of students, scholars, research topics on every subject.

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIITD)


IIIT-Delhi was created as a State University by an act of Delhi Government empowering it to do research and development and grant degrees. As of now, IIIT-Delhi has around 1600 students and 60+ faculty across different programs and departments. All the faculty members have PhD from various reputed places in USA, Europe, and India and engage in research.
IIIT-Delhi has recently started a B.Tech. program in Computer Science and Design to cater to the need of industry of getting students trained in design along with technology. The institute is also planning to start a Center in Design and New Media. All the undergraduate students undergo a full course in design as part of their curriculum and also participate in other design related activities.

Brunel University


Brunel Design is recognized worldwide for its expertise in the fields of industrial design, product design engineering and strategic design. Our key activities include undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, knowledge transfer across different sectors and research. The University has over 110 nationalities represented on campus. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2017 places Brunel 24th in the top 200 universities for international students. Our department trains approximately 500 students each year. Brunel graduates regularly win awards nationally and internationally. We have multidisciplinary staff and a strong research record in many areas including design for sustainability, materials and advanced manufacturing,

social innovation, human-centred design and strategic design. Brunel Design and the University has considerable expertise in academic‐industry partnerships including leading the significant EU ERDF supported Co‐Innovate initiative since 2012. We have experiences of working on Erasmus+ projects and are active participants in Erasmus exchanges. The University has several successful research projects with Indian partners. For example, the Newton-Bhabha APEX-II programme, which is a flagship project in solar energy led by Professor Hari Upadhyaya, recently won a £200,000 Newton Prize for his collaborative work with various Indian partners, such as the Indian Institute of technology in Delhi. We are keen to support innovation capacity building in India through design education. We will offer our expertise in strategic design, innovation management, product design engineering and academic‐industry partnerships. This project will enable us to co-create knowledge and expertise in social innovation and strategic design further. To sustain the capacity building in the long term, we are interested in exploring new ways of sharing knowledge and good practices including online training to make the outcomes of the project available to a wider audience.



CRE.THI.DEV. is a non-profit company aimed at community development through the research and development of action plans, focused on the local and social economies, mainly on the fields of life-long learning, environmental protection, employment and local development, throughout Greece. The company establishes close cooperation with local and regional authorities, government authorities and business associations in order to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development through research and the raising of awareness in local communities towards available development projects. In this framework the company organizes and promotes studies and research projects, participates in European projects,

cooperates with universities, companies, government authorities, technological centers and organizations, vocational training centers and business associations, focusing on the exchange of knowledge, technology and innovation. CRE.THI.DEV has 10 members and a big network of scientists from various disciplines.
CRE.THI.DEV was established in 2012, from D. Papakonstantinou, Managing Director, for 19 years, and Board Advisor, for 5 years, of ELKEDE TECHNOLOGY & DESIGN CENTER SA, a semi-public organization with European and international orientation.
Although CRE.THI.DEV is a recently founded company, the last five years, has developed activities in life-long learning mainly with its participation in twelve ERASMUS+ projects, one EEA project, one Interreg-MED project and two national projects for employability.
The members of CRE.THI.DEV come from different disciplines and have great experience from their previous employments on coordinating and implementing National, European and International projects of a wide spectrum. Its administrator was Managing Director of ELKEDE, a Research and Technology Institute of the public sector for more than 20 years and member or president of many national and European committees and associations.

CILAB, Politechnico di Milano


Established in 1863 in Milan, Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) is one of the leading science and technology universities in Europe, producing engineers, architects and designers through a variety of innovative specializing courses. According to the QS Subject Ranking-Engineering and Technology, POLIMI is 1st technical university in Italy, 8th in Europe and 31st worldwide. The Politecnico di Milano is currently divided into 12 Departments, 6 Schools and 7 Campuses. The Departments are institutional offices for the conduct of research in related fields. The Department carries out research and consultancy as well as testing and certification. It proposes and manages university Research Doctorate. Bodies of the Department are the Head, the Board and

the Executive Committee. Schools are educational facilities with professors and researchers carrying out teaching and research activities. The School offers programmes of Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and specialization Masters. Bodies of the School are the Dean, the School Board, the Didactics Oversight Body, the Study Programme Boards. The regional Campuses are the governing structures of a non-metropolitan seat. In conformity with the university’s scientific and didactic program a long-term project, realized with multi-year development plans, has been associated with these, aimed at integrating educational, research and technology transfer activities, in accordance with the unique nature, needs, and opportunities of the reference territory.
The Department of Design is the 1st university department in Italy, the 3rd in Europe and the 7th in the Worlds. It deals with research and teaching in the field of design by statute. It brings together a range of experiences, skills, and professions related to design, with the aim of pursuing excellence in the scientific, cultural, and educational fields, in response to the new problems posed by a technological, manufacturing, and professional environment that is constantly changing. It bases its action and research initiatives, experimentation, and training programmes on the theories, methods, instruments, techniques, and cultures of artificial materials, communications, and service design. The Department of Design promotes the development and transfer of the science, culture, and methods of design in the scientific areas and disciplines that interact with various areas (related to manufacturing and culture) of the information and knowledge society.

RIMT University


(RIMT) Our vision is to provide quality education and producing product worthy individuals in addition to provide a productive work culture and conducive environment for the teacher and the taught, matched by unparalleled infrastructure and an insatiable urge to, in excellence, outdo ourselves. While our mission is to create extraordinary learning experiences for students.
We educate & prepare students here keeping the unseen challenges, which life throws at time, in mind. RIMT offers a variety of strengths-oriented-resources to identify and nurture the strengths of profound learners engaged in our variety of courses in Engineering & Technology, Architecture, Hotel management & Catering Technology, Sciences, Agricultural, Management, Humanities & Arts, Education, Legal studies, Computer Application, Library, Design, Paramedical, Pharmacy, Journalism and Mass communication.