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ERASMUS Newsletter 5.0

ERASMUS Newsletter 5.0 (1)_1
03 June, 2021

During DESINNO Capacity Building at the Aegean University, information was shared through a multidisciplinary lecture cycle that discussed key aspects of interaction design ranging from theory to practical examples and case studies. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, the program had to be taken online and participants were more inclined to meet in person.

Thanks to a selection of online platforms and tools like Zoom, Slack and YouTube, lecturers and experts have been able to complete one-time and multi-time tasks together on a daily basis. University Aegean lecturers provided a two-week program for members of Indian universities to share knowledge of core theoretical courses and practices, complete their co-working activities, and explore possible implementations in their university’s courses and laboratories. were capable. This program was about interaction design, HCI and its relation to the design process and integrated product design, all the goals and requirements of DESINNO projects.

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